The index of my blog posts reminds me that it has been a long time since I’ve posted to this site, but in some sort of defence, I’ve been very busy.

I recently ended my contract at Rare and have moved on to a new and exciting freelance contract, I can’t talk too much about it yet, but I’ll hopefully be able to talk about it a lot soon. It has certainly kept me busy.

In addition to that, I’ve started an online course on ‘The Principals of Modern Game AI’, which has been created by the same people responsible for and is hosted on I hope to be writing here about my progress going through that.

I plan to finish off my series on how to create a TDD character controller, and maybe start another one in a similar theme (I should probably canvas some opinions as for what to cover next).

Finally I have another project on the go, which will be my first proper thing I’ve done in Ruby, I’m hoping to post about that some too when there is something to tell.

From now on I’m going to try to hold myself to a post a week, call it an early new years resolution. Those normally work.